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Mobile Computer Support Since 2007

We’ve been so proud to serve the greater Madison area for almost 9 years now! We started out on Madison’s north side by tossing flyers inside screen doors. We had zero customers but a whole lot of energy and a mission to perform.

After all these years, that mission is the only thing about Community PC that hasn’t changed. Our goal then and now is to provide the home and small business user the kind of in-person, quality support that big business has enjoyed for years.

Having lost part of his youth working for a mobile sewing machine and vacuum repair business in Santa Fe, NM, our owner decided to throw his near-perfect driving record on the fire and bring the shop to you.

Stop Yelling
We are still the only 100% mobile computer support service in Madison. That’s what has set us apart. A great many of our customers are simply unable to load a computer into a car and travel to a repair shop. Most of the rest just don’t want to! So, at Community PC you’ll get Professional Computer Services Delivered Fresh Daily.™

Ask any of our customers how they’ve been treated by Community PC and you’ll begin to see why we’re still around and still growing. Check out the testimonial page or glance at the widget to the right.

2016 is going to see our biggest growth of all. After years of requests from customers to expand our award-winning computer support by adding remote services. We’ll fix software issues remotely and charge you a fraction of our onsite charges. Check out the Remote Help page for details.

But, even better than that, we also offer subscriptions for a monthly checkup. We call it the netBouncer Plan. Once a month we’ll connect remotely to your computer and uninstall malware, toolbars, etc. We’ll run a scan and wipe the viruses and malware we find, and make sure you have all your security updates. Plus, we’ll do one other fix for whatever is bothering you at the time. All this for  as little as $13.95/month! Check out the netBouncer® page for more information.

Good grief, why are you still reading this? It’s time to join your neighbors in getting the finest quality computer support at the time and place you need it most. So please: Stop Yelling and Give Us a Shout!™


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