Because Community PC wants to keep prices low, we don’t deal with any kind of wasteful overhead or sales-tax paperwork. So instead of stocking any computer hardware for resale later we’ll simply help you purchase the item for the best price available. Usually the item can be found online for much cheaper than at a local store and under the right circumstances we can still deliver 24 hour turn-around for most replacement jobs.

Here’s how the normal process works:

  1. The Community PC tech will diagnose the problem and determines replacement hardware is needed
  2. The tech will help you find the right part at the right price, either via the Internet or at a local store
  3. You purchase the part or the tech goes to get the part
  4. Community PC returns to your house to install it

If you need the fast service mentioned above, here’s what we can do. There is a good computer hardware store in Naperville, IL that can deliver to our shop in as little as eleven hours! You’ll pay a few dollars more, but it can usually be installed in 24 hours or less.
(Excluding Saturdays and Sundays; Hardware must be ordered by 6:00 PM Monday through Thursday)


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