Whether you need a network installed or are experiencing problems with your current installation, we arrive prepared to help.

Network DiagramCommunity PC will run cable and put in wall-connections, or go wireless, depending on your needs. We’ll setup and configure your router and ensure every computer and printer you own has the proper connectivity to your new network.

Our techs also have the tools to troubleshoot and repair existing network problems.

Network Security

Of course, any discussion of networking needs to include network security concerns. Rest assured Community PC have the experience in securing home and business networks and we’ll put that experience to work for you.

Network security experts estimate it takes eight minutes on the Internet for an unprotected computer to be found and infected!Network Security

The results of these infections can be data loss, poor computer performance, or total stoppage of the system. Hackers can even hijack your system and use your computer to their ends. Your machine becomes a zombie and obeys their every command.

You can wait until after you have these problems, or you can call Community PC now.

Whether guarding against an internal or external threat, we can get your data locked-down and prevent your computer from becoming a zombie.


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