Unlike a lot of other repair places, when we quote you a price for our labor, that’s what it’s going to cost. Nothing more! * And you’ll find our prices are very competitive despite our exceptional onsite and remote service. Why do we do that? Because we believe fair pricing is even more rare than fair weather and no one should have to shell out nearly what they paid for the computer just to get get rid of some viruses.

* Labor only. Does not include unexpected hardware costs.


We accept the following payment types:

Dollar Check PayPal
Major Credit Cards

Labor Costs:

Minimum Charges

No Work Done (Trip Fee) $30.00
Minimal Work Done (< 10 min.)

Usual Charges

Repair / Upgrade On-Site $165.00/hr.
Repair / Upgrade – In Shop Quote/job
System Restore – In Shop 1
Virus Removal – On-Site $225.00/ea.
Virus Removal – Remote $189.00/ea.
New Computer Setup 2
Private Training $110.00/hr.
Group Training 3
Web Site Design Quote/job
Web Site Hosting 4
Urgent Care 5
Consultation $70.00/hr.

1. Additional charges may apply due to hardware installation or problems at time of delivery.
2. Price includes printer only. Printer, network, and 30 minutes training may be added for an additional $75.00.
3. Per person cost decreases with size of group.
4. Basic fee based on size of site and does not include additional charges for multiple sites or for requested management duties.
5. Charge only applies if our schedule must be changed to meet your schedule demands.

Remote Repair & Maintenance

Billed Amt. Total
netBouncer Plan – Annual Billing ($13.95/month) $166.95 $166.95
netBouncer Plan – Six Month Billing ($15.49/month) $92.95
netBouncer Plan – Monthly Billing ($16.95/month) $16.95 $203.40
netBouncer Business – Annual Billing ($39.95/month/1 hour) $478.95 $478.95
netBouncer Business – Six Month Billing ($44.95/month/1 hour) $269.48 $538.95
netBouncer Business – Monthly Billing ($49.95/month/1 hour)
$49.92 $598.95
Lifeguard Remote $80.00/ hr.