Everyone has seen it… that favorite piece of software that just doesn’t run like it used to; or, maybe it doesn’t run at all! This can be due to corrupted files or it could be bad registry settings. With the tools at our disposal Community PC can often fix these problems without re-installing the program; and we’ll reconfigure it if we do have to re-install.

Email has become essential for everyday life and any interruption can seem like an emergency. Whether it’s lost emails, passwords or connections, our techs can handle it quickly.

Digital TunnelNow, with the addition or our Remote Support Services we can often make software corrections or re-installations remotely. All you need is an internet connection and a credit card.

Don’t forget, Community PC also does software training, either at your location or remotely. If you have no experience with a piece of software or if you just need to have some questions answered, we can help you out.

Format & OS Re-installation

Formatting and re-loading a hard drive is always the last option to correct serious software issues. It’s the Nuclear Option of computer repair. But, when your operating system gets corrupted by viruses or electrical shock or a bad software install, there is not much left to do but format.

All versions of Microsoft’s operating systems (Windows 95, Windows 98, XP, Windows 2000, Vista, etc.) suffer from corruption over time. Some are better at protecting against it than others, but they all have this problem.

Being such a major operation, it is one of the few things that require us to take your computer to our shop. The amount of time it takes to do the job properly makes it impossible to do it in your home.

First, we’ll backup all your data, browser favorites, email, etc. Then, our skilled techs will scan it for viruses and remove any they find. Then, we format and re-install the operating system and all your software.* Lastly, Community PC puts your data back on your hard drive in its original location. It will be just where you left it.

Plus, if you’re missing a recovery partition we’ll throw in a restore disk, custom made from your newly configured computer. Should corruption happen again, all you’ll have to do is restore from that disk.

In most cases we can do all this and return your computer within 48 hours!


* You must provide the original operating system license and, in some cases, the original installation disk. You must also provide the original licenses and installation disks for all software we install. We cannot install “borrowed” or otherwise illegal copies of any operating system or software title. We can remove and return data, including desktop icons, browser favorites/bookmarks, stored email, etc. We can even re-install all previously installed software if you request it. But we cannot make any guarantee that “everything will be exactly as it was” before your system crashed.


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