For those of you who need help immediately, or if it’s something simple we can fix quickly, we can connect you to our TĕkProtect server. This is our system for remote support that allows us to take over your computer and fix whatever we need to. Don’t worry! This can’t happen unless you are in front of your computer and approve of the connection.

Here are the easy directions:

 If you are a first time customer:

  1. Call us at 608-268-7178.
  2. We will give you a pass code.
  3. Enter the code in the box labeled Join With a Code.
  4. Click the arrow.
  5. There will be two pop-ups. Click OK or Yes on each one.

We can help you through this process on the phone.

 If you are a return customer:

  1. Click the Arrow labeled Start a New Session
  2. Enter your phone number in the box.
  3. Click Start Session
  4. There will be two pop-ups. Click OK or Yes on each one.
  5. A technician will call you before connecting to your computer.

We also have the TĕkProtect plan, which offers home users the peace of mind that someone is protecting them. We’ll connect once a month and make sure your computer is running well.Make sure you visit our TĕkProtect page for more details.

If you own a small business we have a plan for you too!
Check Out Our Affordable Rates Here!