In today’s context ‘Welcome’ is a two-faceted gem. This is the first post to the Technobabble Blog in quite a long time. Being a very small business sometimes we have to decide what we can do and what we can’t. But I anticipate posting once a week from here on out.

But the second facet of today’s post is a little peak at what repair people like us go through with Apple products and, by extension, what it means for consumers like you.

You see, Apple doesn’t want independent business people like me working on their products. They want to be able to control that market so they can keep charging outrageous prices. Any of you who have taken your Mac or iPhone in for repair will know what I mean.

Currently the state of Nebraska is trying to pass a “Right to Repair” law, which would force companies like Apple and other tech companies to provide us with repair manuals and spare parts. Apple is fighting this legal push, which would make repairing your equipment much cheaper (and me a little richer)

There are 8 other states attempting the same thing, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Wyoming. Maybe we need to add Wisconsin to that list.

Here’s a good article from BuzzFeed on the subject.