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Remote Support You Can Trust

Secure and trustworthy remote tech support is a very important part of everyone’s service policy these days. It allows us to repair software problems without dispatching a tech to your location. This saves you and us a lot of money, which is hard to argue with. But we also realize remote tech has gotten a bad name due to the actions of inscrutable industry players. Our system uses the same AES256 encryption that ATM machines use to communicate wirelessly to their banks. And our remote techs are the same people who answer the phone and do on-site appointments. So you’ll likely know the folks working remotely on your computer. So rest easy in the knowledge you’ll be safe and secure with the most trusted remote tech support service in the Midwest.


On-Site & On-Time

Regardless of where you live or work in Dane or Rock counties we can get a tech there to make sense of your technical problems. Plus we guarantee that tech will be ON TIME or we’ll call you to inform you of the delay. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting and waiting for help during a four-hour time slot! We respect you more than that and this is just one way we show it. We realize some of you live right on county lines too. But we’re not going to cut you out. If you live in Belleville or Brodhead for example, we will come to your house regardless of what county you actually live in.


Angie’s List
Angie’s list is a referral site for all types of in-home services. If you’re looking for a handyman or a roofer or any of their hundreds of job-titles, Angie’s list will help you find a reliable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy vendor. They not only collect reviews and verify their authenticity, they do background checks on every vendor so you can be assured of safety when letting strangers in. That’s why we are so proud to have been awarded their Super Service Award for the last four years in a row! You can bet that isn’t an easy task. It requires a daily effort to give each and every customer the best level of service we can provide. It’s free to join Angie’s List and if you’re a member you’ll have access to coupons and the occasional special price.
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