We’ve been satisfied Community PC customers for more than ten years. Dave’s monthly remote check-ups keep our desktops glitch-free, and he’s gotten us through everything from software issues to setting up a new computer.

Having Dave on your side is like giving your computer a personal trainer and a physician who does house calls rolled into one.

Robert Jeanne

- Madison, WI

My computer feels more secure since you folks became its protector. You are the only ones I trust to look after my link to the outside world. If I didn't have you I wouldn't be able to live at home anymore.

Joanne Granquist

- Madison, WI

I don't know what I'd do without you! Being able to connect you to my computer with a simple click or two makes me feel more secure in these scary times.

Helen Donahue

- Fitchburg, WI

It's wonderful knowing there are people like you in the world. You get here so fast and take care of my problem so quickly. 

Charles C. Lee

- Madison, WI

You sure keep us old ladies happy. You're our guy!

It seems like every month something is confusing us and you folks always come to our rescue..

Melanie & Carol

- Sun Prairie, WI

Dave St. Amant (owner) is knowledgeable, thorough, prompt, reliable and fair in his pricing.  He knows how to translate 'computerese' into English. And he has a sense of humor! 

Many times he has fixed something outside of business hours if critical.  That’s why my wife and I have relied on him for years to help keep our businesses running.

John Duggleby

- McFarland, WI

How fortunate I was to be directed to Dave when I relocated to the Madison area.  I am not the smartest person when it comes to computers and Dave has always been ready to be of assistance and NOT to make me feel dense!!

Sue Dornfeld

- Madison, WI

As a not very techie senior, I rely on Community PC to keep my computer world up and running, which they have done for several years.

Recently, they quickly corrected a Thunderbird problem so I could view my emails in their superior format.  I'm spoiled and hated using google to read emails.

Pat Gilbert

- Madison, WI