TĕkProtect Plan

Peace of Mind for Less Than $20.00 a month!

These days it’s not just viruses, worms and malware (oh my). These days we deal with all those plus the new threat to your data from toolbars, hijacked GIFs, and Ransomware.

Most toolbars look useful, but they can log your every move on the internet and sell the information they steal. Ransomware typically prevents a computer from being used at all until a payment is made to the hijackers.

With the TĕkProtect Plantrusted technicians will remotely connect to your computer, using AES-256 compliant security enabled software and give it a good tune-up.

  1. We’ll run secondary virus scanners from ESET and F-Secure. These scanners are updated on a daily basis and they look for the newest viruses and those most likely to have infected your computer.
  2. Then we’ll go through your list of installed programs line by line. We’ll dump all the obnoxious toolbars we can find. Don’t worry, we know what the legit ones are and we’ll leave them alone.
  3. We’ll find and clean out temporary files to clear up some disk space for you.
  4. Your Windows registry is a database that tells the operating system how to do everything from following the mouse pointer to starting a print job. That registry gets clogged with outdated and useless entries. So we’ll straighten that up for you, making the computer run more efficiently and quickly.
  5. We’ll scan for malware and remove everything we find.
  6. Then we’ll defragment your hard disk. This knits fragments of files together so they can be accessed quickly and easily. (This step only performed on platter based drives)
  7. Finally… ONE FREE REQUEST EVERY MONTH! As if all that wasn’t enough, we’ll let you request one additional software fix or teachable moment every month. So, if it’s been bothering you, let us know and we’ll handle it for you. WOW!

Just $18.75 a month when you
buy a year in advance!

More Perks of Membership:

If you have a TĕkProtect Plan and you have additional problems or an emergency issue that needs to be fixed right away, you’ll pay less for those sessions than if you didn’t have the plan.

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